20 for 2020 bursary
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We are delighted to announce our new Virtual Visits! Virtual Visits will take place for our Prep and Senior School. All of our virtual visits are completely bespoke and are available both in the morning and in the afternoon to make it convenient for you. We expect they'll last an hour but we can tailor them around your needs. Book your virtual visit here read more

Last updated: 16.06.20

20 for 2020 bursary

2020 is a significant and inspirational year for Plymouth and much like the Pilgrim Fathers 400 years ago, at Plymouth College, we believe that ‘Everything is Possible’. It is our ambition to Educate, Enrich and Empower future generations, and we are delighted to announce an exciting and unique bursary programme to celebrate our commitment to education in Plymouth. The scheme, ‘20 for 2020’, invites young people to apply for one of our 20 generous means-tested scholarships. The awards will be based on your family's financial circumstances. 

The scheme encourages pupils who may not have considered Plymouth College to discover more about the bespoke environment that will see their talents thrive and their ambitions nurtured. Whether its performing arts, an academic subject, outdoor pursuits, public speaking or sport, we are looking to give pupils of Plymouth the chance to be part of our unique community, where small classes and fantastic opportunities deliver big results.

To enquire further, please fill out our online form:

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Further details

Below are a list of the immediate criteria for our 20 for 2020 bursary. If you meet all of these criteria then please complete the initial application form below and submit to our admissions team who will get in touch with the full bursary pack. 

► Pupil is considering joining Plymouth College in September 2020 

► Pupil will start in year 8 or above 

► Pupil lives in a 20 mile radius of Plymouth College 

► Pupil is able to provide references or evidence of achievement in any of the following areas: 

• Sport 

• Music 

• Drama 

• Languages and or Linguistics 

• Art & Design 

• Academic - e.g Maths, Science, English 

• Community Spirit. This bursary is awarded to pupils who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to helping others. 

For any further information, please contact admissions@plymouthcollege.com