Mayflower Marathon by Plymouth College
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Mayflower Marathon by Plymouth College

The Mayflower Marathon is a challenge designed to help keep the wider Plymouth College community physically active during lockdown as well as celebrating the history of our great maritime city of Plymouth. In recognition of the journey made by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620, we are seeking to collectively travel the 2,750 miles from Plymouth to Cape Cod. Not only will this help the school to play its part in celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower setting sail, but it will also encourage the whole community to look after their physical well-being and show what can be achieved when people pull together for the common good.

These things have never been more important than at the present time. Those wishing to get involved should simply email Mr. Mutlow ( whenever they have covered any distance during exercise. This could be: 

  •  A dog walk
  •  A run
  • A cycle
  • Any other form of activity

Once you've completed your exercise, send a Tweet to @PlymColSport and don't forget to use the hashtags #PlymouthCollegeMayflower400 #MayflowerMarathon. Together we can achieve great things whilst helping to stay healthy and celebrating the great history of our city.

Our progress so far...



We've done it!! We've collectively travelled over 5500 miles and made it to Cape Cod! A massive well done to everyone involved in our virtual voyage! 


To congratulate all of the pupils, parents and staff that have contributed to the Mayflower Marathon and celebrate how many miles they've done, you can download your distance badges here: 


1 mile 

5 miles

10 miles

25 miles

50 miles

100 miles