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Plymouth College Partnerships

Working collaboratively and cooperatively as part of a friendly community is at the very heart of our ethos at Plymouth College. We regard ourselves as a community of partnerships, developing supportive and inspiring partnerships between teachers, pupils, parents and a variety of other stakeholders.

We also reach out to develop partnerships with many of the wonderful organisations in the city of Plymouth to further enable us to educate, enrich and empower our pupils. We work with various schools and universities to ensure that pupils access academic and intellectual expertise across the city. We work with many businesses, as well as the Devon Chamber of Commerce, to support the work of the Plymouth College Business School and our Future Female Leaders Initiative. This engagement supports the provision of guest speakers, internships, work placements and STEM activities.

We work with a number of local providers to enhance our performance and creative arts provision. We also work closely with a number of sporting partners to ensure that our performance athletes access the resources they need to fulfil their potential. These include Plymouth Leander Swimming Club, Plymouth Diving Club, Plymouth Argyle Football Club and Plymouth Fencing Club. 

It is through these partnerships that we really do ensure that everything is possible at Plymouth College.

Lang Town & Country Lang Town & Country
University of Plymouth University of Plymouth
Plymouth College of Art Plymouth College of Art
Devon & Plymouth Chamber Devon & Plymouth Chamber
Plymouth Leander Swimming Plymouth Leander Swimming
Plymouth Argle F.C. Plymouth Argle F.C.
Plymouth Fencing Club Plymouth Fencing Club