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Plymouth College


Latest UK Government Announcement - 4 January 2021

Following the most recent message from the UK Government, pupils will not now be returning to school as prevoiusly advised . Please click on this message to view the latest information. read more

Last updated: 04.01.21

Term Dates


Term Begins

Tuesday 1st September (Boarders and Year 7 induction day)

Wednesday 2nd September (Existing pupils)

Half Term StartsMonday 26th October
Half Term EndsFriday 6th November
Term EndsFriday 11th December
Term BeginsTuesday 5th January
Half Term StartsMonday 15th February
Half Term EndsFriday 19th February
Term EndsWednesday 31st March
Term BeginsTuesday 20th April
Half Term StartsMonday 31st May
Half Term EndsFriday 4th June
Term EndsFriday 2nd July


Looking ahead to 2021/2022

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