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Through our partnership with world-renowned Plymouth Diving, we have become a centre of excellence for diving. Our national and international divers follow bespoke academic programmes that allow them to train during the day as well as after school.

Plymouth Diving is no stranger to headlining the news with its Olympic, World, European and National successes.

Based at the world-class Plymouth Life Centre, the club and its team of coaches offer diving programmes from entry-level right through to elite international divers such as former Plymouth College pupil, Tom Daley. The dry gym is set up for the practice of technical skills on somersault blocks, trampolines, into the foam pit and potentially using overhead harnesses.

Divers are able to train together, attend the same school, and in many cases board together. The programme at Plymouth College allows young divers to flourish and gain the best of both worlds – diving at the UK’s premier diving club and an excellent personalised education programme. Academic timetables are moulded around training and there is a close liaison between coaches and teachers. Scholarships are available for national and international divers.