GCSE Examination Results
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GCSE Examination Results

Our bespoke teaching and small class sizes empowers pupils to achieve excellent exam results and we pride ourselves on our strong performances across the School.

We are proud of our pupils and all they achieve, as demonstrated here by our GCSE and iGCSE examination performances over the past five years:

A*C / 9-4 89% | A*B / 9-6 72% | A*A / 9-7 53% with our average points being 6.0. 

2021 Results Day


In an unprecedented year, results today were awarded on the basis of the teaching staff’s professional judgement of the pupil's prior performance in their academic studies, based on evidence collated.  This, combined with their knowledge of the pupils as individuals, formed the grades awarded from Plymouth College (known as Teacher Assessed Grades).

Amongst today’s results, there were a number of excellent achievements by pupils that have embraced the holistic education that Plymouth College offers. Devon Chandler and Izzy Page achieved all top grades across the entirety of their  subjects.  There were also outstanding results for Jojo Sells, Rafi Rudge, Kate Short, George Wilden, Martha Miles and Alice Patterson. 

The Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) which provides pupils with the opportunity of independent research into a specific subject of their choice to hone their study and presentation skills,  was undertaken by Devon Chandler on the topic of carbon capture technology (removing CO2 from the atmosphere) and its emerging commercial applications. Alex Symes also completed an HPQ on the topic of Viking weaponry and armour and their practical and cultural significance. Both pupils showed outstanding levels of commitment to manage themselves independently without the usual mentoring meetings in school.  Their presentations, and especially their answers to penetrating questions at the end, showed a command of their research well above expectations for GCSE level.

Our young sportsmen and women have delivered outstanding results, alongside their sporting successes, with notable achievements including Mehdi El Mensar and Alma Dahl, both of whom managed to combine their international swimming and sport programmes and associated  commitments with achieving commendable GCSE results.  Teddy Haffenden has also successfully achieved top grades at GCSE whilst maintaining his high level of cricket at county level.  Martha Miles’ laudable academic achievements have been achieved, alongside being selected to represent England in the under 25 dressage.  

Our hockey players who became the U14 National Tier 2 Hockey champions in 2019 also achieved some fantastic results.  The team’s Captain, Kate Atkinson said “I’d like to thank everyone at Plymouth College for all of their continual support which allows all pupils to achieve in everything the school has to offer.” 

Success looks different for everyone and at Plymouth College we encourage and support all pupils to exceed their potential, whatever that may be and as a cohort these young people have achieved so much in difficult times with their individual achievements being simply too many for us to name. We are delighted for them all.

Jo Hayward, Head, said: “Despite this being such a unique year, I am delighted for our Year 11 pupils and the results reflect the hard work they have put in during their time at Plymouth College. They have shown such strength in character over recent months and I’m incredibly proud of each and every one of them. As our Upper Sixth pupils head off to leading universities next month, I’m looking forward to welcoming our Year 11s back, alongside those new pupils joining our Sixth Form from other local, national and international schools. I’m sure they are excited about starting the next chapter in their lives.”

Our year 11 pupils will continue into a vibrant, bustling Sixth Form which offers a host of fantastic and varied opportunities and experiences to support each and every one of them on the path to future success and happiness.  

To find out more about studying at Plymouth College Sixth Form, visit our website - www.plymouthcollege.com/sixth-form.