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Latest UK Government Announcement - 4 January 2021

Following the most recent message from the UK Government, pupils will not now be returning to school as prevoiusly advised . Please click on this message to view the latest information. read more

Last updated: 04.01.21

Home Learning Hub

From Wednesday 15 April, we will be launching the next stage in our Home Learning plan for our Year 11 pupils. Normal lessons will no longer continue, but teachers will be on hand to assist in any way they can, through email or Google Meet- as we have done thus far.

There will be a chance to complete optional assessment for your teachers to see more evidence for the award of your examination grades. Please follow the link here to find out more information on this from Mr Grey. 

Pre Sixth Form Form Programme

There will then be numerous options to choose from, according to your interests, passions and plans for the future. This will be all online and will be linked from this page. There will be different pathways for you to follow and a wide range of activities for you to choose to follow. We fully appreciate that in the current situation, your circumstances mean that you could be doing other things and perhaps volunteering in the local community. We as a school are very proud of our pupils for their dedication to others in this time. These resources will always be there for you - use them as much as you like. Please also don’t forget that your Head of Year, tutors and other staff are always there for you too. Please keep in contact with us. 

This will include the chance to complete some pre A-Level or BTEC work in some of your chosen subjects, under the direction of the Heads of Department and other selected staff.  Should you wish to engage in this please email the relevant member of staff. Head of Department email addresses can be found below. 

Art cnicol@plymouthcollege.com
Biology dprideaux@plymouthcollege.com 
Business nlilley@plymouthcollege.com
Chemistry bfield@plymouthcollege.com
Classics/Latin panderson@plymouthcollege.com
Computer Science amiller@plymouthcollege.com
Drama nhusband@plymouthcollege.com
DT nlisney@plymouthcollege.com
English scurrie@plymouthcollege.com 
ESL rconnor@plymouthcollege.com
French/German/Spanish prandall@plymouthcollege.com
Geography npaice@plymouthcollege.com 
History achubb@plymouthcollege.com 
Maths djones@plymouthcollege.com 
Music dgreen@plymouthcollege.com 
PE etremaine@plymouthcollege.com 
Physics grees@plymouthcollege.com 
RE dmartin@plymouthcollege.com 

Mr Wesley and your tutor team will assist you. You may also wish to reconnect with your Morrisby mentor.

There will be a series of guest speakers who will invite you to join them to learn all about all kinds of interesting things about the world - a true chance to broaden your horizons and develop new skills. There will also be an online portal for you to access, where you can engage with different types of learning. Learn something new, develop a new passion or follow your interests somewhere new. There will also be an opportunity to access online learning courses, TED talks, MOOC’s as well as information and courses on life skills, podcasts and regular updates from the wider Plymouth College family. We will also be working on a wellbeing section for you, building on the work of The Hub and our staff in school. 

We are committed to providing our pupils with the best education (in the widest sense of the word) in these challenging times and we do hope you’ll join us in this new venture.

View our Home Learning Hub here

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