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Meet Our Heads of School 2020/21

Here you can meet our Heads of School for the new academic year...

Head Boy - Henry Dean


Hi there, I’m Henry and I’m really excited to now be this year’s Head Boy at Plymouth College.

I’ve been at the school since Year 7 and I’ve loved being a part of the team all the way through. I’m currently living in Plymouth as a day pupil; however I was a member of boarding from Year 7 up until Lower sixth, whilst I was living abroad, which I absolutely loved.

My future plans are to hopefully study business at university, which is something I find fascinating and then potentially join the Royal Marines or pursue business further.

I’ve played rugby along with other sports at the school since I joined, and I am now Vice Captain of the First XV. Some of my best experiences were during my time in CCF where I learnt many useful skills and often took on exciting new tasks. I can’t wait to see what this year has to offer.

Head Girl - Charlotte Harris

My name is Charlotte Harris and I have been granted the role of Head Girl at Plymouth College.

Having been at the school since year 8, it was such an honour to be given the opportunity to take on a leadership role and give back to Plymouth College in any way possible.

In Upper Sixth, I am applying to study medicine, with hopes to travel to Australia for my gap year.

I represent Plymouth College in both girls' sports inside and outside of school, alongside being involved in music and drama.

I am excited to see what this academic year brings at such an unprecedented time, but hopefully it allows us as Heads of School to make innovative and positive changes for the future.

Deputy Head Boy - Zion Yeung

I'm Zion Yeung and I'm really excited to be the Deputy Head Boy at Plymouth College. 

I'm from Hong Kong and currently board at the school since joining Plymouth College in 2019. 

I am planning to head to university at the end of next year. Although I don't participate in any team sports, I'm a gym enthusiast. I love going to the school gym and working out. 

Some of my best memories at Plymouth College have been the boarding life and Sixth Form community because the students all have wonderful personalities and they are very caring. 

I'm really looking forward to what this year has in store. 


Deputy Head Girl - Naomi Chatfield

I’m Naomi Chatfield, I have been a boarder and pupil at Plymouth College since Year 7.

I’m so glad that I am now able to give something back to the school in my new role as Deputy Head Girl.

In the future I hope to study Engineering after my gap year as a Sail Training Volunteer.

I love being outdoors and some of my best memories are from our trips to Whiteworks, DofE canoeing expeditions and representing the school in Ten Tors 2018.

I’m looking forward to all the challenges and joy this upcoming year will bring.