Transition to Sixth Form
Plymouth College


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Last updated: 04.01.21

Transition to Sixth Form

As Year 11 progresses, we see confident, well-mannered and compassionate young adults emerging. Throughout Year 11, we build on work done by pupils and tutors through the Morrisby profiling system. This enables pupils to assess their own aptitudes and strengths and ensure they are making informed choices about their future. This bespoke guidance is coordinated by the Head of Year 11 and Head of Sixth Form, who work closely with the Year 11 cohort throughout the year.

Our pupils are ready for responsibility, with the transition to the Sixth Form bringing opportunities to become a Senior Prefect or assume a key leadership position in the school. At the completion of Year 11 our pupils are fully prepared for independent study and are ready to embrace the opportunities that Sixth Form life has to offer.

When moving into Sixth Form, pupils will be asked to choose three subjects (four may be studied at the discretion of the Deputy Head – Teaching and Learning). The bespoke nature of the A Level programme at Plymouth College allows our pupils to be flexible in their selection. 

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